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Take control of your health and wellbeing today, prevent illness and invest in yourself, with the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Want better sleep, more energy, to manage your weight and stress levels better? Your gut health is the key! Support your immune system to be as strong as possible.

Gut Health & Skincare

Forever Living’s Aloe drinking gels and Probiotics are nutrient rich and offer excellent support for GI health, immune health, energy levels and glowing healthy skin, hair and nails.

About Me

It’s my passion and purpose to empower, inspire and support people to live a life of vitality and longevity. I strive to help others thrive. I’ve had my own personal journey with mental health, weight, and digestive problems. This has shaped and steered my journey into the health and wellness sector. I am a successful Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Wellness Coach. I have around 20 years of experience in coaching, both with individuals and groups, and have had a successful UK Acupuncture practice since 2012.