My journey to natural healing began when I was growing up in the North East of England. My interest in Chinese culture was sparked at a young age by martial arts, then later expanded to include Chinese astrology and Feng Shui.  Inspired by the Taoist philosophy underpinning it, I was drawn to study more about the power and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

I always knew I wanted to help others, and I initially  embarked on a career in the public sector; where I first began developing my coaching skills.

However, during my mid-twenties, I went through some mental health problems, which left me feeling isolated, lost and disconnected from myself and others.

I was inspired to try natural healing to reconnect me to myself, after seeing the benefits my mother had experienced, with her own health challenges.

I had such a powerful transformation in my entire wellbeing, that truly changed my life! This change ignited a passion for natural healing that is still very much alive in me today. I also knew I was destined to help others feel the same transformation in their health.

So, this led to me leaving my career to fulfill my purpose as a Health Coach and natural healer.  Since 2011 , I’ve helped countless people to clear stress, increase their vitality and find a happy healthy balance.

I live in Cheltenham with my husband Kevin, and our rescue dog Hari.  I enjoy Qi Gong, yoga and lovely walks on the beach, and around my home in The Cotswolds. My favourite places include Skiathos in Greece, Brean in Somerset and St Ives in Cornwall.